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'Waiting in Various Lines (2013-2017)' by Hether Fortune

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Image of 'Waiting in Various Lines (2013-2017)' by Hether Fortune

EGP001 // Pre-order Hether Fortune's first collection of poetry accompanied by occasional imagery. 1st edition limited to 50, hand-bound & numbered. Ships week of 1/15/18.

"Hether Fortune reminds me of a different time and place. Her closest analog is maybe Richard Hell: part poet, part artist, part punk rock visionary. This wide-ranging collection of works from across four years offers insights into her process (as a writer and thinker), and excitingly suggests that there’s a lot more where it came from. As you read these poems, you’ll feel them, too." - Brandon Stosuy, The Creative Independent

**Pre-order includes an art bookmark made by Hether, your copy signed with a short personalized poem & first 3 poems from the book (out of 27) sent to your email upon ordering.